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OK, yea I’m hooked. New trailer for Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist series.

Acchan Three Secrets: Numero Magazine

Hmm, this side bar interview seemed to slip by me. There’s a much longer two-page interview that I will need much more patience to get through. But here is the three question Q&A translated from March’s Numero magazine. You know, the one with this picture in it…

Q1: Which actresses do you think are pretty?

A1: Gwyneth Paltrow, Kirsten Dunst. I like people who are easy to talk to.

Q2: Are you careful with what you eat and drink?

A2: For about two months, I’ve been drinking green smoothies. Also, I carry En-Herb detox tea when I’m out.

Q3: Do you exercise to stay in shape?

A3: I really like to walk so I do that a lot. There really isn’t anything in particular that I do though. (laughs) I don’t drink alcohol, I eat lots of good food and get lots of sleep. 

Perfume wearing Sakana-kun hats. So much cute.

Perfume wearing Sakana-kun hats. So much cute.

I’m not going to translate all of this. They’re talking about all sorts of fish. But frankly, it’s just worth listening for A~chan’s giggle. :-)


Breaking: CBS announces Stephen Colbert as the next host of The Late Show! 


Breaking: CBS announces Stephen Colbert as the next host of The Late Show

Maeda Atsuko Shonen Magazine 3/19/2014 Interview Translated

Finally got around to translating this interview. In it, Atsu talks about Seventh Code, traveling and chowing down on Thai food at home.


Q: The music video Seventh Code won two awards at the Rome International Film Festival for directing and was filmed entirely in Russia. How was it?

A: The days in Russia are long so we had a difficult time filming night scenes. We would film until 4 a.m. and the next day we would wake up at 6 (doesn’t say a.m. or p.m.), so it became our regular schedule. We did this for five and a half days straight. It was quite tiring. But director Kiyoshi Kurosawa is such a good person, I would look at him and think, “I’ve got to do this!”

Q: You also tried out some action scenes as well.

A: “I don’t want to do this anymore, I want to do this in one take!” (laughs) … that’s about how difficult it was. But when I saw the finished product, I really liked it. Essentially, the music video is the single’s bonus but this time, it seems like both are the main item. The song is like “quiet rock” and the lyrics have such deep meaning. Definitely check it out.


Q: Before Russia, you were in New York and Australia. Last year, you were certainly flying around the world a lot.

A: In 1 and a half months, I went to those three countries. It was a busy one and a half months.  I almost thought, “I’m an adventurer!” (laughs)

Q: It seems like you were never able to take some time off.

A: At the start of this year, I had ten days off. During that time, I was at home the entire time.  I would just lounge around the house or go meet up with friends. Basically, I wasn’t doing anything special. (laughs) I don’t really like to take long spans of time off. If I get used to having time off, I become lazy. So I tried to go about my days like any other normal day.

Q: Spending ten days at home, you must really like your place.

A: It’s the number one place I can relax. I have a home theater system, so I enjoy watching movies on it. Recently, I’ve been eating a lot of Thai food and watching Anna Karenina and it makes me feel so happy.