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Mihara Yuki has been filming a new commercial on the beach the past couple of days = bikini pictures! \(^_^)/  / 三原勇希さんが新CMをビーチで撮影しています=ビキニ写真だらけー!\(^_^)/

Clearly Nino wasn’t feeling this photo shoot. LOL / ニノがテンションダウン。(笑)

Clearly Nino wasn’t feeling this photo shoot. LOL / ニノがテンションダウン。(笑)

Onoe Matsuya Cheats on Acchan But She’s Still Dating Him… (Translation)


I decided to summarize and paraphrase the Atsu-Matsu article since it jumps all over the place. Here’s what the three page report from Josei Seven magazine says:

SUMMARY: Six months into their relationship, Atsu saw pictures of Matsu cheating on her as he made out with another woman in a car. It turns out that woman is a 39-year-old music producer/fashion designer. Former employees and acquaintances say that she divorced her husband shortly after she gave birth to her child and has since been raising the kid by herself. The woman is said to be very rich and very popular and influential among the fashion and music industry circles. The woman, identified as “A-ko san” (meaning her name begins with A, ends with “ko”) was introduced to Matsu thru mutual friends.

So why is Atsu on a date with him? The magazine speculates a couple of things. One – This is a power play by Acchan to the other woman that basically says, “I saw him first and we’re still close.” and two – Acchan is concerned about her future income, especially since she’s not pulling in the type of money she was while with AKB.


The Date: Folks who were inside the high class yaki-niku restaurant say that the two began sitting opposite each other but through the course of the evening, Acchan moved to sit beside him. The two looked like a happy couple while they cooked meat side by side. When they left the restaurant, they walked around the area for a bit with Matsu slowing his walk to match Atsu and the two drifting close and away from one another.


The article ends with Acchan explaining what true love is:

"Love is this natural sense that you’re supposed to be with someone. It’s a feeling that you can have with almost anyone, but one that cannot be stopped by circumstances and people around you because you love that person with all your spirit."

Young love can be so messy. I always felt like she had a good head on her shoulders and had some common sense. Here’s hoping she eventually moves on and finds someone better to be with… and if she doesn’t, I’m available. :-)

Just the pix from this article can be found here.

Interesting article regarding Atsu-Matsu. There’s a love triangle going on here. I’ll translate the article in a bit. It’s three pages.

Yukirin LQ scans from FRIDAY magazine 7/25/2014.

Too bad each box doesn’t come with an Alex inside. :-\

Post credit scene from Moratorium Tamako in which Atsu is fast asleep on set. :-)